Road/residential luminaire 201

LED luminaire 201 delivers highquality uniform illumination while maximizing lumen output. Far more energy efficient than halogen, incandescent and fluorescent lamps,model 201 is also more reliable and can save up to 85% in energy, replacement and maintenance costs annually. It is a classic looking road light fixture with high efficacy Osram LEDs, giving 9300Lm useful dispersed light. With it`s special Strada lenses the effective illuminated area from 10m height is 850 sqare meters (50x17m) with 11Lx. Model 201 has a build in termal protection for 65 degrees Celsius and when it reaches that point the output light is decremented by 50% with PWM giving the heatsink time to dissipate the heat.


  •  Engineered with the finest Osram LED components
  •  Fully contained power supply with no exposed wires
  •  Cost-effective conventional light source replacement
  •  Easy to install on arm pole retrofit
  •  Produces no harmful UV rays
  •  Contains no mercury or fluorocarbons
  •  Proprietary heat sink module efficiently removes heat
  •  Self-cleaning, long-lasting rugged design

Technical Specification:

General Characteristics  
LED chip manufacturer Osram
Housing Aluminium / powder coated steel
Life of the LEDs to 70% lumen maintenance
Operating temperature -25 - +40°C
Ingress protection ;IP 65
Electrical Characteristics  
Wattage 130W
Type of power supply 110/220 V AC/PFC 
Light characteristics  
Color rendering index CRI ≥ 70
Luminous flux 9300 lm
Product Dimensions  

610x330x100 mm

Weight 10.4 kg



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