Module distance control MDUV


  • Transmitter with dynamic code
  • The ability PRODUCT training to 15 transmitters
  • The ability to delete to the loss of transmitter
  • Range of action of transmitters
  • Relay output with switch over contact
  • LED indication for activation of relay (with programming mode)
  • Program · choice of operating modes
  • Serial communications


  • Remote control of devices via low-voltage switching (one switch dry contact relay);
  • Turn security stations, having function of key management;
  • Remote panic button in the composition of security systems;
  • Systems for access control.

Block has 4 operating modes depending on how the inclusion and exclusion Relay:

  • Mode 1 - includes relay by pushing the big button (I) and is excluded by pushing the small button (II).
  • Mode 2 - is included in the Relay button press button I and II together and stays on until their disbursement.
  • Mode 3 - includes relay by pushing the button and I still covered by his award.
  • Mode 4 - similar to mode 1, as is necessary to include retention of a button for more than 3 seconds.

The duration of inclusion can not be less than 2 sec regardless of operating modes.

Price: 10 € / pcs. @ 500pcs.

All prices are excluding VAT.