3S Cool Candle

Enjoy yourself with our marvellous new product 3S COOL CANDLE!

All the beauty of a live-flame candle with none of the danger!

Flicker without flame!

Beautiful, realistic … and safe!

Most durable,long lasting and CHEAP!!!

Twinkling time with 2 batteries up to 70 hours = 35 tea candles

Мake your best choice- use 3S COOL CANDLE!


up to 50 pcs        1.49 € 
51-100 pcs.          1.44 €
101 - 500 pcs.      1.39 €
above 500 pcs.     1.36 €
*All prices are excluding VAT per pcs. 3S COOL CANDLE  with 2 batteries including + unique single package!
Batteries work at least 70 hours= 35 tea candles; the candles are reusable!
ЕXW - Vratsa.
Additional customer logo is optional ( it is not included in the price).
Candle holder - multiple choice.